Primitive Chair. Age uncertain, style uncertain, perhaps a child's project?
Height: 6" Seat Height: 2.25" Width: 3.75" Depth: 4.5"

$ 10

Two Firehouse Windsor Chairs. Late 20th century.
(Left) Height: 4.25" Seat Height: 2.25" Width: 3.5" Depth: 4"
(Right) Height: 4.75" Seat Height: 2.25" Width: 3.5" Depth: 4"

$ 15

Armchair. Late 20th century. Signed "Scott".
Height: 6.5" Seat Height: 2.25" Width: 3" Depth: 3.75"


Rocking Armchair. Late 20th century. Signed "Collinson".
Height: 7" Seat Height: 2.5" Width: 3.5" Depth: "6

$ 20

Kitchen Chair. Probably mid-20th century. Unpainted. Stable split on left front leg at side stretcher.
Height: 5.875" Seat Height: 3.75" Width: 3.75" Depth: 4"


Sheraton Style Fancy Chair. Label: "Made by S.A. Gosman / Decorated by Mildred Ayers / 1973".
Height: 6.5" Seat Height: 3.5" Width: 4" Depth: 4.75"


Painted Kitchen Chair. Early 20th century.
Height: 8.125" Seat Height:3.875 " Width: 4.5" Depth: 4.75"


Armchair. Late 19th or early 20th century. Originally painted white, the surface is now heavily worn; only the seat remains well coated.The arms, though not particularly well-scaled, appear to be original to the chair.
Height: 10.25" Seat Height: 4" Width: 5" Depth: 5"


Slat-Back Rocking Chair. Probably 20th century. Green Paint, woven rush seat (paper?).
Height: 8.5" Seat Height: 4" Width: 4.75" Depth: 5.75"


Child's Chair. Late 19th or early 20th century. Painted and paint-decorated, but the surface, although stable, has been heavily abraded. (Unlike everything else in this selection, this is a piece of children's furniture, not doll or dollhouse furniture, but it's well-scaled for a large doll.) 
Height:17.5 " Seat Height: 8.5" Width: 9.5" Depth: 12"


Bench. 20th century. Inscribed in pencil under the seat: "Uncle ____ to my little niece..." There is more, all of it very difficult to see and read. It may even be dated. 
Height: 8" Seat Height: 3.625" Length: 13.875" Depth: 4.325"

$ 50

Tin Bathing Room. Mid-19th century, probably French. There is no indication that it was ever painted. There is no knob or handle on the faucet. If there was, it's not impossible that it was actually a "working" model in which a child could bathe her porcelain dolls.
Height: 5.75" Width: 7.625" Depth: 5.25" 


Dropleaf Table. Later 20th century.
Height: 3.75" Length: 7.75" Width, leaves down: 4.625" Width, leaves up: 8.625"



Chair Table. 20th century. Signed "Collinson" 
Closed: H: 4.5" Diameter: 5.75"
Open: Height: 5.875" Seat Height: 3.75" Seat Depth: 3.125" Width between the arms: 2.875"

$ 65

Dropleaf Table. Chestnut (top) and Birch or Maple (legs), late 19th or early 20th century. Very nicely turned legs.
Height: 9" Length: 15" Width, leaves down: 8.75" Width, leaves up: 13.75"


An Inlaid Dishtop Tea Table. Rosewood, or similar exotic hardwood. Later 20th century. Inlay around the edge is missing in two places. The two rings near the center are complete. This is actual inlay. The disc in the center appears to be laid on the top rather than inlaid. Regardless, this is an unusually fancy piece of doll or dollhouse furniture, clearly well-made. There is a collector label pasted on the underside of the top, but no maker information.
Height: 4" Diameter: 4.25"


Corner Cupboard. Later 20th century.
Height: 14.375" Width: 6.25" Depth: D: 3.25" Into the corner: 4.25"


Three Drawer Chest. Walnut, pine secondary. Late 19th or early 20th century. The brass knobs appear to be replacements. Originally there was either an attached backsplash or a mirror frame.
Height: 6.5" Width: 8" Depth: 5"


Slant Front Desk. Pine. Early 20th century. A label reads: "The Pennsylvania Museum And School of Industrial Art". (The PMSIA opened in 1876 as a museum and school, then in 1938 the museum separated to become the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the school became the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art, so the label indicates that this desk predates the 1938 split.)
Height: " Width: " Depth: "Pine. H: 7.5 W: 7.5 D: 4.625 



Victorian Hankerchief Box Chest. Early 20th century. Constructed from Cuban Mahogany, that is, Havana cigar boxes. The Hankerchief Boxes had hinged tops, now missing, as are all but one of the turned wooden knobs. There is no indication of a mirror assembly ever having been present. The drawers are paper-lined, and there is an uneven but probably original shellac finish.
Height: 7.5" Width: 6.625" Depth: 3.375"

$ 60


Paint Decorated Empire Low Chest. Pine, 19th century, perhaps of the period. The front is paint decorated to simulate either Ribbon Mahogany or Tiger Maple; the sides are in a red wash. There is a label inside the top drawer, pictured. The level of craftsmanship on this one, of all the items in the collection, is so high that it actually could be a Salesman's Sample.
Height: 7.25" Width: 9.25" Depth: 5.75"

$ 325

Two piece Chest on Chest. Probably Pine, first half 20th century.
Height: 12.25" Width: 7.5" Depth: 4.125"
n.b. In the picture it looks like the top piece is leaning forward. I must simply have had it poorly positioned, because in reality it sits quite straight, as it should.


Scroll Saw Cut Bed. Walnut. Late 19th or early 20th century. The "mattress" appears to be simply a couple of folded pillowcases, presently in a plastic bag.
Height:  6.62" Length: 13.25" Width: 7.875"

$ 75

Sheraton Low Post Bed. Probably Pine, 19th century. The bed ruffle was clearly purpose-made to fit this bed frame; the sewing is by machine, not by hand.
Height: 8.5" Length: 15.5" Width: 9.875"


Victorian Spool Bed. Walnut. 19th century. A "rope bed," the mattress is stuffed, perhaps with either kapok or cotton, covered in blue/white stripe pillow ticking. The two pillows are constructed in the same manner. All the bedding is probably of the period.
Height: 9.5" Length: 15.25" Width: 9.625"


Four poster with a flat canopy frame. Walnut, Pine secondary, late 19th/early 20th century.
Height: 16.75" Length: 14.25" Width: 10.125"



Four-poster with an arched canopy frame. Pine, the rope bed frame is probably 19th century; the canopy frame is more recent, and is also missing a piece. The mattress and baluster-style pillow are stuffed, probably with cotton, and machine-sewn, likely quite some time ago. The red cotton ruffle, which trims only three sides, is also machine-sewn, and may be somewhat more recently done. Neither is at all "newly made". 
Height: 22.56" with canopy, 17" without canopy, Length: 20" Width: 10.25"

$ 150

There are at least a half dozen pieces of bed linens that I'm quite certain go with one or another of these last four beds. The quilt pieces are certainly 19th century pieces, others I think date from the early 20th century, and then there are one or two that are probably later 20th century. I won't offer them separately, just try to figure out which goes with which.