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John H. Geiszel Watercolor
John Geiszel Watercolor Surf Fisherman
John H. Geiszel (1892-1973), was an illustrator, watercolorist, landscape artist, a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, and for thirty-five years a teacher at the Philadelphia Museum School. This watercolor of a surf fisherman, perhaps along the New Jersey shore since the painting was part of a Stone Harbor estate, is still in what appears to be its original 13 x 17 inch wooden frame with a sight size of 7-3/4 x 11-3/4 inches. The mat, water-stained and yellowed, is clearly not a suitable acid-free mounting, although, save for the expected mat burn along the edges, the watercolor sheet itself appears to be in good condition.

To be clear, the signature is John's, not that of his wife, also an illustrator of no small repute, Margaret Malpass Geiszel. (Note that the colors of this image have been enhanced and altered in order to make the signature stand out.)

Although I haven't verified it, the painting, on cold press or rough watercolor paper, appears to have been mounted on art board which was then fixed to the back of the mat board by a sheet of paper pasted to both the back of the art board and the back of the mat board. The paste reaches no more than an inch from the edge of the art board judging from the ripples seen on the paper, which are loose to the touch. Note that the size of the art board, 9 x 13-1/4 inches. is significantly larger than the sight size of the mat. Whether or not the watercolor itself is the full size of its art board backing it I do not know because I have not dismantled the mount.

I have every reason to expect that the artwork itself can be easily re-mounted onto acid-free materials, and surely it deserves no less.