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Vintage Industrial

Vintage Adjusto Doctor's Stool

Built in the 1940s by the Adjusto Equipment Company, Bowling Green, Ohio, we think of these backless stools with a revolving seat as a physician's examination room stool, although they could have had countless other commercial and industrial uses.

This early model has a four-footed cast iron base
and a rotating steel seat; it never had casters or a foot rest of any kind. The Adjusto Stool features a novel seat-height adjusting mechanism, but it's not currently working on this stool, and in addition there is a welded repair to one foot and surface rust on the seat that suggests it has spent some time outside. It would clean up nicely if that's what you wanted.

The 13 inch diameter seat currently is 18 inches off the floor, and the feet stand 12 inches apart from each other.

If you are interested you can click here (US Patent Office) or here (Google Patents Scan) to view the original patent, which chiefly concerns the telescoping height adjustment mechanism.

Vintage Revolving Doctor's Stool
Flat Top Metal Milk Can ~ Borden's, New York

This is a rare example of a flat top milk can, favored by shippers but not by farmers. 20 inches tall and 14 inches in diameter, the can is the standard ten gallon size, with room left at the top to minimize loss through what remains a very tight-fitting lid.

The combination of that small size and its flat top makes this ideally suited for home or apartment living--no need for a loft size space to display and use this piece of vintage industry. Supplied with a 30 inch glass top on it, you'll find it a fine little table.

Although faint in the image below, the top is clearly embossed "Borden's / 2-55 / New York".


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Industrial Trash Can Borden's New York
Industrial Workbench

A steel work table, very heavy, with all the expected signs of use but no abuse. The top has been drilled in several places for a grinder or a vise. 42" long, 29.5" deep, 33.5" tall, it is bolted together so it can be disassembled for moving if necessary (although I have never done it). A hand truck, however, is essential bdcause you really won't want to hand-carry it up stairs.

Industrial Steel Work Table
Rolling Factory Trolley  

36" long
, 14" wide, and 40" tall, this mobile utility cart was built for and has seen heavy industrial use, but it's still solid, if bent here and there, and still rolls and steers easily. The sets of stationary and swivel casters are the originals. Three removeable shelves have been added to repurpose it as a serving cart, a bookcase, or whatever else you may have in mind. Or ditch the shelves and use it to carry five or six hundred pounds of car batteries...


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Highway Sign ~ Men Working

A steel sign in a zinc galvanized frame that folds flat when not in use and additionally has a socket on each side to insert a warning flag.

A magic marker is the only tool you will need to transform this into a sign that says "WOMEN WORKING".

B&L Industrial Safety Glasses

Still in its original box mailed directly from Bausch & Lomb in Hudson, NY, to the Allis-Chalmers Boston Works (opened in 1931), the glasses are in fine shape, no damage, no wear to speak of, and the original lens cleaning cloth is still in the box.   

$125 (mailed within in the US)
Large Spun Brass Shallow Cone Pendant Light

15-1/2" diameter unpolished spun brass shade, porcelain socket, hung on a 24" chain. The ceiling canopy and the lamp cord wiring are newer, probably still 40+ years old, but still serviceable. Lamps similar in style are being widely reproduced but with small shades; this one is "the real thing".

$150  (mailed within in the US)
15-1/2" Spun Brass Shade Pendant Lamp
Cast Iron Base Aluminum Shade Task Lamp

This 1920s-30s vintage goosencck lamp has been completely rewired with a new inline switch and plug. It's indistinctly marked on the cast iron base, probably "Varick Elec. Co." The one-piece aluminum shade is 8-5/8" in diameter and 6" deep, and has picked up a dent somewhere along the line and a couple of other small bruises, but other than that it still looks good and will now serve its new intended use well.

$ 105
 (Free Shipping within in the US)

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Vintage Heat Lamp Repurposed
Heavy Steel Transport and Storage Box

29" long, 11" deep, 13" wide, almost certainly US military issue, the lettering on the top has been obscured. Built of steel and itself quite heavy, this box was meant to carry something either heavy or valuable, or both. The top can be securely latched and with the addition of padlock, locked shut.

Steel Transport Box
A "Make Do" Stool

"When you haven't got it or can't get it, make it." The legs are ball and clawfoot legs probably from a porch stand, the seat and its height adjustment hardware is probably from a piano or organ stool, and that cylindrical piece between them was bandsawn from two pieces of thick pine. What you end up with is a stool with a rotating seat that can be adjusted to between 24" and 28" from the floor, and has a 17" square footprint on the floor. It's a fun and funky piece of vintage repurposing.

Make-Do Stool