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TWO Thomas Jeckyll Cast Iron Window Boxes
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The 21" long box
Thomas Jeckyll Cast Iron Window Box
The 24" long box
Thomas Jeckyll Cast Iron Window Boxes
Butterflies                       Sunflower                         Bees      
Thomas Jeckyll Two Butterflies Motif     Thomas Jeckyll Sunflower Motif     Thomas Jeckyll Four Bees Motif

TWO Cast Iron Window Boxes, c. 1870s, designed by Thomas Jeckyll (1827-1881), English architect and designer.

21 inches long and 24 inches long, both are 6-3/4 inches deep and wide. Both have remnants of old white paint; both are damaged with serious but repairable cracks (56 linear inches of cracks on the smaller box, 38 linear inches of cracks on the larger); the larger of the two is missing  its lifting handles on either end. There does appear to be a Registration Mark on the back of the front plate of each box, but the effect of soil bite on the iron has left, I fear, little more than the oval frame of the mark recognizable, even if well cleaned.

It was Jeckyll's exploration of Japanese aesthetics as expressed in common domestic metalwork, stoves and stove surrounds, and window boxes like these (most of which 
incorporated his signature motifs, a pair of butterflies, a stylised sunflower, and the circle of four bees) that essentially fueled the popularity of the Aesthetic Movement in Great Britain during the mid-1860s to the mid-70s.

Rusted, damaged, pieces missing, these are but relics... beautiful, repairable, in the right hands perhaps even restorable relics... in any event well worth saving.

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The 21" Box
back, outside view

           left side     right side

Bottom, inside view

Bottom, outside view

Back, outside view, lit from inside

Registration Mark

The 24" Box
from the right side     from the left side    


bottom and back

bottom, inside view

              back, lit from inside     bottom, lit from outside

  left side     right side

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